Speed limit increases on major Grayson County highways

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Drivers entering Sherman on highway 82 probably noticed a change in speed limit signs Tuesday.

It's a new Tx-DOT project to increase the speed on three main Grayson County highways: 75, 82 and 289.

"We've been out doing speed studies in the area. They look at the travel - the amount of travel on the highway - incidents that have occurred, just different things that go into the speed limit," said Tx-DOT PIO Tray Turner.

In 2011 lawmakers requested studies to look into increasing speeds on rural highways.

The results of those studies led to some limits changing, Turner said.

"Those highways that did warrant the higher speeds are now getting the new signs put up," he said.

James Skaggs, Grayson County resident, said he's worried the increased speed will increase accidents.

"You know I think 70 was ok," he said. "Going to 75, I don't see why they would."

But other drivers say a lot of people drive 75 anyway.

"I don't think it matters anyway because people are gonna drive stupid anyhow," said Darla Reber.

Turner said the speed limit changes are safe.

"If it does show 75 then, yes, we think that is a safe speed limit," he said.

But Turner warns drivers not to rush into changing their speed until all signs have been put up.

"Don't go 75 if it still shows 70. Wait until the speed limit signs have been changed," he said. "You can still get stopped by a law enforcement even though it is warranted."

Tx-DOT expects to have all signs posted by the end of the week.

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