Speed limit signs change back to 70 m.p.h. on Hwy 82

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SHERMAN, TX -- The speed limit signs on Hwy 82 through Sherman read 70 m.p.h. Which is confusing drivers, since a couple weeks ago Tx-DOT posted 75 m.p.h. speed limit signs.

Tx-DOT spokesman Tray Turner says it was a mistake.

"They did put the 75 m.p.h sign up there, but it should have been 70," Turner said.

Tx-DOT sent a letter to the city of Sherman in January outlining plans for the speed limit change. Maps included in the letter show the speed limit changing from 60 m.p.h. to 70 m.p.h. when drivers enter the city's eastern limit. It doesn't speed up to 75 until drivers cross FM 1417.

"So what happened whenever we found that out we did take the 75 m.p.h. down until contractors could come and put up the correct ones," Turner said.

Tx-DOT kept the speed limit at 70 since it's inside city limits, Turner said.

"Whenever it's coming into a city part like that, normally it's the slower speeds," he said.

Drivers - like Deanna Stepken - say they were confused by the sudden change.

"When they moved it back down they should have told people, they should have warned people," she said.

However, she's glad to see the speed limit staying at 70.

"I think 75 is too fast. You go 75 they're gonna go 80. You move it to 80 they're gonna go 85," she said.

But it's not gaining traction with all drivers.

"I enjoyed it being 75 because I could get to work a little faster," said Michael Foreman, Sherman driver.

All posted speed limit signs in Grayson County are now correct, Turner said.

Tx-DOT advises all drivers to follow the posted speed limit, regardless of what they hear.

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