Stand Down for homeless Veterans

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SHERMAN, TX -- They fought for their country, but thousands of homeless Veterans say their service has been forgotten.

Thursday, Texomans gathered to support these Vets and give them the help that they need.

Dewayne McKinney comes to Four Rivers in Sherman several times a week. He says it's the closest thing to a home he has, but now things are turning around for this Veteran.

"Well knowing that I have some organizations out here that supports me in my effort to receive the help that I need is kind of uplifting enough knowing that Veterans have support in the Grayson County area," said McKinney.

Thanks to the VA's North Texas Homeless Veterans Outreach program and several Grayson County community groups like Salvation Army and Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center, McKinney is getting help to find the home he deserves.

"It's really about connecting the Veteran to care, we want them to access the services that we have to get them on track to recovery or to end their homelessness," said Tammy Wood, the program coordinator for Healthcare for Homeless Veterans.

At the Four Rivers outreach Thursday, vendors of all kinds gave out clothing, shoes, and blankets. Along with information about healthcare and housing help for Veterans.

Edward Sherwood served in Vietnam. He says he is grateful for this support.

"It makes me feel finally appreciated. After the war, we were looked down upon, college kids and stuff. No praise, no nothin. It makes me feel finally we get a little recognition," said Sherwood.

Martha Neyman works with Soldiers' Angels, and says coming to the stand down at Four Rivers is an important job.

"It's a pleasure, it's a privilege. And its a very sad opportunity too because I would hope and pray we wouldn't have to have these but we do. And so its a privilege to be here for our veterans and just have a desire to help any and all of them in any way we could," said Martha Neyman, national coordinator for Veterans at Soldiers' Angels.

"People do still care. We as Americans care about our veterans," said Neyman.

If you know a homeless Veteran who needs help, you can contact the Health Care Outreach program at 1-877-424-3838.

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