Storm causes costly damage in Bennington

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BENNINGTON,OK-- A Bryan County town is damaged after straight line winds tore through it Sunday night.

David Haislip and his family have lived in Bennington for generations.
His family owns several properties most of them, like this one, were destroyed in sunday night's storm.

"We'll have to start over somehow, but thank God we're all alive." said Haislip.

The National Weather Service says the damage was caused by straight line winds strong enough to flip mobile homes and rip trees out of the ground.

Crews got to work Monday cutting branches and removing debris from the streets.

Just down the street at Bennington schools, students helped clean up the thousands of dollars in damage that the storm left behind.

"There's several buildings, the bus barn, maintenance building, the old technology buildings." said McWilliams.

The school's baseball field took the hardest hit, the safety net was ripped and torn and numerous pieces of debris were scattered all across the area.

Baseball coach Tommy McWilliams says he and his team had been practicing right here just hours before the storm hit..

"Me and some of my players were working on the field and taking hitting practice just Saturday night and I'm just glad no one was out here Sunday."

Idanel Wright is the mayor she says they didn't think the storm would be so severe.

"Chaos, it was just a nightmare." said Wright.

School officials say classes will resume Tuesday.

Police say the storm could cost the town $20,000 and could take months to clean up.

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