Storm leaves damage behind in Calera

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CALERA, OK -- Calera residents are picking up the pieces after high winds tore though the east side of town Monday afternoon.

Emergency Manager James Dalton says winds got up to at least 65 miles per hour. The straight line winds ripped off carports, sent trees and power lines over and tore apart roofs. Residents say the storm blew through so fast they did not even know what hit them.

Calera Resident Ryan Buchanan says he was on his computer when the storm hit.

"Scared. Thought I was going to die," Buchanan said.

That is how he felt when he looked outside.

"All I see is this white, look like a cloud of rain coming straight for me so I freak out and I ran to the cellar because I thought there was a tornado coming at us," Buchanan said.

Cammi Mowles says,just like Buchanan, she could not believe what she saw when she looked out the window around 3:30 Monday afternoon.

"The wind was blowing real hard I couldn't hardly see the street, and then the carport blew over on top of the car, and I looked out in the backyard and I just see all the shingles in the backyard and everything's blowing around," Mowles said.

Residents say within 15 to 20 minutes it was almost as nothing ever happened.

"It was done and over with and it was just as bright as day," Mowles said.

Except for the damage.

"I saw the power lines were down. I saw that there was limbs blow everywhere and well we were hoping our roof wasn't blown off again," Buchanan said.

Buchanan says after last weeks storm damage he is glad this one did not leave a bigger mess behind for his family to clean up. However, Mowles on the other hand says she has quite a bit of cleaning up to do after her carport, car and roof were damaged.

"Hopefully within a couple of weeks we can get it all taken care of," Mowles said.

Emergency Management says the storm left some customers without power, including the Durant Airport.

According to OG&E all power has been restored in Calera.

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