Storm leaves damage for Cooke County residents

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COOKE COUNTY,TX -- Several residents helped one another clean up after a costly storm tore through their properties.

Thursday morning, a family cleanup crew helped their dad, 86 year old Cooke County native B.T. Peyrot, pick up the pieces after Wednesday night's storm.

"We was in the bed, and all at once we heard the house shake a little and we got up and went to the cellar," said Peyrot.

Peyrot has lived in the small Cooke County town of Myra most of his life.

He says his 45 by 60ft barn was ripped to pieces.

Parts of its roof were scattered across the fields behind it.

"I've never seen anything like this around here before; it's about the worst I've ever seen," said Peyrot.

Down the road in the Hood community, resident Joe Webber was cleaning up his yard, after an old Cedar tree was uprooted during the storm.

"Winds were crazy, a lot of noise, and the metal roof. We didn't hear what was going on out here till the middle of the thing; we look out and see damage," said Webber.

"The first significant statement came out just before 10, then the severe thunderstorm warning came out at 10:05," said Fletcher.

Cooke County emergency management director Ray Fletcher says the damage was caused by straight line winds and residents should have had over an hour of warning.

"If it gives you enough time to take care of your family and your own life; that's what we really hope for," said Fletcher.

Despite the damage, Webber says he's thankful and knows things could have been much worse.

"God take's care of us. This is nothing. We'll take care of it, and there will be another one there in a hundred years, and things will be alright," said Webber.

Residents say it could take weeks to clean up the damage.

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