Storms damage several Luella homes

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LUELLA, TX -- Emergency officials say two Luella families homes were destroyed during the early Sunday morning storms.

Sarah Somers, with Grayson County Emergency Management, says two homes were destroyed, leaving two families without a home, and another three were found damaged around 3 a.m.

She says they are not sure if the damage was caused by a tornado, or straight line winds.

Somers says that will be determined by the National Weather Service.

Owners of one of the homes in Luella say they were in their home when the storm hit.

"10 after 3 we heard a roar that woke us up and it roared for about 3 seconds and it was a big bang, sounded like a bomb went off or a truck hit my house or something," said Max Holloway.

Somers says no one was injured.

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