Storm leaves damage behind in Calera

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CALERA, OKLAHOMA -- High winds are to blame for downed power lines, trees on cars and even small buildings being torn apart. We talked with one woman who was in awe at the damage she walked out to find.

"We've lived here 36 years and never seen anything like this," Calera resident Mary Jones said.

Jones was in complete shock when she stepped outside and saw her things strewn across her property.

Her car port used to be right next to her house, but now it's more than 100 yards away in her neighbor's yard. A shed that was standing for 30 years is gone and trees were uprooted.

Her daughter was in her car, in the carport, when the wind picked it up.

"She said 'momma I just looked up and it all flew over the top of me and everything was just blowing around' and of course we couldn't come out because we had hail that big hitting us," Jones said.

And it's a similar story across Calera.

"We had quite a bit of wind damage. Lots of trees down, lots of limbs down. Billboard over on 75 and Mckinnon was destroyed," Butch Scalf, with Bryan County Emergency Management said.

Debris from the billboard littered highway 75, but crews cleaned it up quickly.
A tree landed on top of this SUV.
No one was hurt.

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