Students selling poinsettias for peers

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BELLS, TX---Students at Bells High School are selling Poinsettias to raise money for students in need right before Christmas.

The fundraiser is called Rachel's Challenge, named after a girl who was killed in the Columbine Shooting..

The idea is for students to sell Poinsettias for $10 to help out fellow peers in need, while at the same time, learning what it means to give rather than receive.

The money raised will be turned into $50 gift cards to be handed out to 22 economically disadvantaged students.

The group's sponsor Yolanda Ivers says the fundraiser can leave an impact for both sets of students.

"So it's just an exciting time to be able to offer some kindness, and this is the season of joy and the season of giving, and this activity really perpetuates that." said Yolanda Ivers.

"It's really nice that you can help out your fellow student, and there's some students that wouldn't ask for the help and they do need it, so it's nice that they can do it anonomously and it's not a big oh my gosh she asked for help kind of thing." said Chely Jones and Makenzi Davis.

They are accepting cash or check. The fundraiser ends Friday.

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