Suffocation is labeled as cause of death for Brandon White

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- The cause of death is revealed for Brandon White in the murder trial of Robert Gray Jr.

The medical examiner testified Friday, that the cause of death for 15-year old Brandon White was Asphyxiation, or suffocation.

The medical examiner also said, Brandon White did not die of natural causes; he was murdered.

The Medical Examiner stated White was severely dehydrated at the time of his death and his eyes indicated he had been deprived of oxygen.

She confirmed that several of the lacerations on Brandon's body were consistent to being bound, gagged and tied up.

He also had bruises on his face and lips and serious injuries that were consistent with blunt force trauma.

She stated that Brandon had been dead for several hours by the time first responders showed up to the home at 303 Monterrey Street in Denison around 2 a.m.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Johnson says it is now up to the defense to make a case, as to what happened to Brandon that night.

"We've rested. Now the defense has equal subpoena power, and so they have the power to secure the attendance of any witness that they want, and put on any evidence they think will help their case," said Johnson.

Friday afternoon, the defense questioned special needs' teachers who worked with Brandon.

They described Brandon as a sweet kid, who loved to hug anybody he saw and loved country music.

Brandon's family members are expected to testify next week.