Summer camps begin at Paris ISD

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PARIS, TX -Summer volleyball camp got underway Monday with dozens of younger student athletes learning what it takes to become a Wildcat from coaches and high school athletes.

Camps introduce sports and teamwork to kids from kindergarten up to high school student athletes.

"What's so good about this is that they are able to get out of their comfort shell before school even starts." said Head Volleyball Coach Britanny Maness. "They are able to get around the older girls and see what the role models are and see what leadership is like."

Senior Caitlin Nance gives crucial advice for up and coming high school student athletes.

"Always have a positive attitude, don't come in like I'm better than you, because that never works out well." said Nance.

Newly hired athletic director Steven Hohenberger says the summer camps and athletics are an extension of the classroom.

"In life you've got to be willing to do things that you don't like to do, to get to do what you love to do." said Hohenberger. "I think the summer programs are an extension of the educational opportunities they have during the school year."

High school athletes helping out with the camps, got a glimpse of how far they have come.

"I think today they are seeing what they used to like, so it kind of humbles them, thinking oh I used to look like this when I played." said Maness.

Camps this summer include: Volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer and football.

For more information on future camps this summer go to the Paris ISD website.