Summer pet safety and energy conservation tips

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SHERMAN, TX -- Across Texoma we're seeing a little rain in parts of the area but for most of us, we're just dealing with the hot dry weather.
During these dog days of summer, there's good news for pet owners: tips to keep both your pet's temperature and your energy bills down.

For many pet owners, pets are like family. Whether you keep them indoors or out, there are different ways to care for them and your energy bill this summer.

For indoor pets, TXU Energy and The SPCA of Texas collaborated on pet-friendly energy conservation tips such as safe indoor temperatures

"They do great around 78 degrees inside," said Dr. Shawn Ashley at SPCA of Texas. "It's a great ambient temperature and so you can just keep your thermostat at the same level especially when you leave during the day. Because you're gone most of the day unless they have a lot of trouble to get into, they're just mainly sleeping and waiting for you to get home."

Some other guidelines to consider are:
Keep plenty of water available with a ce cubes to keep it cool all day.
Turn off ceiling fans, TVs, radios and lights.
Close blinds and curtains.
Treat windows with solar film.
Insulate doors.

Now if you have to keep your pets outside, make sure you give them plenty of water to keep them well-hydrated. Shade is also vital and when it comes to leaving pets in the car...

"It's entirely too hot I mean. It's just way too hot," said Sherman pet owner Rustin Bridges.

Denison pet owner James Marshall calls people who leave pets in the car, "idiots…I got no other words for it. That is cruel. These cars heat up to well over 140 degrees in a matter of 15 minutes. And that'll kill a human being let alone a dog whose wearing a big leather coat or a fur coat. It's just cruel."

Take it from an expert, Environmental Health Services Manager Amanda Cortez of Grayson County Health Department, "It can actually lead to death if animals are left out in the heat. Don't leave the animals in the car. It's not safe," she said.

"If you can don't take them with you, leave them at home. Don't forget, you're responsible for the care of your animal and you don't want an accident to happen," continued Ortez. "We want to make sure that you properly care for your pets during this hot season."

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