Supreme Court Victory for Oklahoma

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The Red River may appear to be just another river..but to Oklahomans, it's so much more.

Bryan County Commissioner Monty Montgomery says "water is the life blood of any brings in have no industry..and we wan the water in S.E Oklahma to remain in Oklahoma. "

The Supreme Court voted unanimously Thursday that Texas does not have the right to buy 150 billion gallons of Oklahoma water.

The Tarrant Regional Water District which serves 11 North Texas counties asserted that they had cross-border rights as part of a 30-year-old agreement. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotamayor found their claims lacked merit and Oklahoma Senator Josh Brecheen agrees, "the water compact when it was originally drafted was never meant to allow TX or any other state to secure their allocation by circumnavigating state boundaries and that's never gonna happen and it's a big victory for all of us today."

The Tarrant Regional Water District released a statement Thursday.
"Obviously, we are disappointed with the Supreme Court's decision. Securing additional water resources is essential to North Texas' continued growth and prosperity and will remain one of our top priorities."