Supreme Court of Texas hears live cases in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- The Supreme Court of Texas visited Austin College Tuesday, to hear oral arguments in two cases.

Justice Jeffrey Boyd said they hear cases on the road twice a year, usually at a law school or college.

"As we get out into the communities, people have the opportunity to come and see us in person, see what we do, not just as individuals, but as a court - in person - and get much more familiar with what we do," he said. "So that it's educational as well as informative for the citizens of each of the communities that we go to."

Austin College hosted the court for live oral arguments, a luncheon and three panel discussions.

The Court heard two cases. The first was Lee C. Ritchie et al. v. Ann Caldwell Rupe, a case dealing with the rights of stockholders. They also heard Greg Sawyer et al. v. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Co., which deals with the rights of employees - who feel they've been fired without reason - to sue their former employer.

Some of the students say they were interested to hear how this particular case could affect them.

"Because it concerned Texas at-will employment, and whether or not you could be fired for cause, or if your employer needs a reason at all to fire you," said Diana Milbourn

Milbourn said they learned things they wouldn't normally see in a classroom.

"So it's a good opportunity for us to really get exposed to the legal field before law school."

Justice Paul Green said he enjoys education the public about the court system.

"The students that were there got to see what happens in a court. A lot of people don't understand how court works, and how the system works like that."

The Court may hear 150 cases a year, but they receive 800 petitions to choose from. The Court chooses cases based on overall importance and impact to the state.

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