Suspect in custody after abducting an Ardmore child

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Around 8 AM Monday, Ardmore police officers responded to a call from a mother, who woke up to her daughter missing.

"Kind of thing that you see on movies or something. Somebody just coming into the place where you're staying in the middle of the night and taking your 7 year old little girl when you're sleeping in the room right next to them." said neighbor Aaron Armstrong.

Neighbors at the Ashbrooke apartments were shocked. Police looked to another child -- who was reportedly in the apartment when the abduction occurred, for more information.

Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt says, "We were able to get some information from a juvenile witness, take that information and combine it with some previous calls we've had in the area, some nuissance calls, and with the suspect description, we were able to locate the missing child as well as take the suspect into custody."

That suspect is Brandon Marusak- who police say lives in the apartment complex.

The victim's grandmother, Elizabeth Willmond, says the girl appeared to be in a daze when found.

"It hurts you know when you get a call saying your grandchild is missing, and you don't know where she's at, or how come it happened, and who all's been in the house."

Police say the victim did not have any obvious injuries, but given the nature of the incident, she was taken to the E.R. to be evaluated and was later released.

Neighbors find the incident alarming.

"It's just pretty disturbing that it happened so close to home." Armstrong said.