TAPS gets new Medicaid call center

SHERMAN,TX -- TAPS unveils a new call center that will help disabled seniors get to healthcare appointments easier.

TAPS CEO and Executive Director Brad Underwood says the new Medicaid Operating Unit will help more than one million disabled seniors in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma get to important healthcare appointments.

"TAPS is a transportation company, whether it be a fixed route, someone is riding one of our employment shuttles, or to the grocery store with one of our demand responses systems," said Underwood.

Underwood says the new program will create more than 100 new jobs, including new drivers, call center agents and supervisors.

The new hires are being trained right now in the newly constructed call center in the TAPS building on Texoma Parkway.

Underwood says they are excited about what the new center can mean for customers.

"It's just opening up a new cliental base for us; a different rider base for us that we've probably been servicing in the past anyway," said Underwood.

"It's just a win win for everyone," said TAPS operations manager Matt Hunt.

Matt Hunt is in charge of the transit operations. He says in the past, if a customer needed to schedule a Medicaid appointment, they would have to call Health and Human Services. Now every call can be taken locally.

"Every customer that calls in will go through the call center. They will schedule their ride through the call center," said Hunt.

The company received Federal money to expand the call center and Underwood says the new center has big potential.

"It really is a big investment in our local region and we're happy to be apart of it," said Underwood.

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