TAPS opens new transportation hub at Midway Mall

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- TAPS rolled out its second park-and-ride facility in a month's time Monday at Midway Mall.

"It's going to be a central hub for all of our 37 buses that will visit this every single day," TAPS CEO Brad Underwood said.

From this facility, riders will travel to work and school across Texoma or they can connect to DART feeders to go to Dallas.

Before boarding, riders can charge their phones, get schedule information or shop in the mall.

"This is a big deal for us. This is, you know, the first time that we've ever had an off-site park and ride facility in Grayson County, and so we're very proud of the facility," Underwood said.

Bobby Killebrew with TXDOT public transit says more people are taking buses to go to work and run errands. He says Park and Ride facilities -- like this one -- are on target with their transportation needs.

"TAPS seems to make all those right connections. They've made the right decisions. They have lots of community involvement," Killebew said.

TAPS's recent focus has been on providing Texomans with a ride to work or school.

Arthur Horn with Four Rivers Outreach says his clients take TAPS buses to job interviews and training.

"TAPS is such a wonderful entity that helps gets our clients from point A to point B," Horn said.

Monday night, TAPS could get a second wave of good news out of Collin County. McKinney city council members will discuss the possibility of TAPS acquiring their transit agency, CCART, which would further expand TAPS operations.

"We're here still as a support and resource for the council on any decision they are trying to make," Underwood said.

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