TCOG prepares for sequester impact

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SHERMAN, TX -- During a special meeting TCOG board members were briefed on the impact programs are facing because of the sequester.

Director Susan Thomas says the public housing program is looking at a 13 percent cut between now and December, and their Aging program will feel the heat. But she says state agencies will assist with funding, to cushion the blow.

The program most affected could be the Section 8 program. Thomas says they could lose about 31 vouchers, which means 31 families would be without help for a place to live. But they do have extra federal funding to fall back on.

"We won't have to immediately pull vouchers from families. Some of them will fall off from attrition and those, if we get to the point where we have to reduce that, they'll provide some additional funding to support that so that the implementation is not quite as harsh," Thomas said.

TCOG says they will do anything possible to make sure no Texoma family is homeless as a result of the sequester.

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