Tishomingo City Council holds emergency meeting about contaminated water

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TISHOMINGO, OK - Tishomingo's downtown sidewalks were empty Saturday morning after tests confirmed E.Coli in part of the city's water supply.

Restaurants have had to temporarily close their doors. And owners like Kristie Cannon -- who runs the Dairy Queen -- said even closing for a day hurts business.

"It's been not just a bad situation for me because we've got a lot of food that's thawed out that we'll have to trash, but also for the employees that were expecting to work this weekend," said Cannon.

The city tested it's water from 5 different places Wednesday and the water at the fire department tested positive for E.Coli.

But city officials say they do not believe the bacteria is widespread after water at the four other locations came back clear of impurities.
Beginning Friday afternoon a boil order was issued for precaution.

Public health specialist Paul GIlbert explained what people should do in the meantime.

"We'd recommend that no one ingest the water obviously," said Gilbert. "If you want to bathe with it you're okay, if you want to drink the water we recommend that you boil it at a rolling boil for thirty minutes."

Saturday afternoon the city council held an emergency meeting where they discussed what to do next. They asked city manager Jack Yates to further inform the public of the E. Coli in the water and investigate what caused the issue.

The council also asked the water department to do widespread testing throughout the city.

"But we took tests the other day--this past week--at five other places in the city and they all came back good so there's nothing to make us think that they would not come back good this time," said Yates.

The city expects to have the results back Monday.