TMC opens new Saturday morning orthopedic clinic for local athletes

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DENISON, TX -- It's Friday night. Fans pack the stadium to watch their team compete on the gridiron.

"It's a fun sport, and a lot of people like to play it, but you gotta be careful out there."

But now, players who do suffer injuries on Friday night can quickly get treatment.

Dr. Benjamin Wilson is starting a new Saturday morning orthopedic clinic at TMC geared specifically toward sports injuries.

"If they need x-rays, we can get that done. Occasionally if they need MRI we can maybe get that in on a Saturday. We have casting material, splinting, braces, whatever they need," he said.

He said the faster players get treatment, the less chance the injury will sack their season.

"And if they need to put somebody else in there in their place because they can't play for a few weeks, they need to know that answer pretty quick," he said.

And TMC is also taking steps to ensure the long-term well being of local high school players.

"We utilize the biodex balance system for concussion management," said TMC physical therapist Bill Horning.

The hospital partners with schools to screen players before the season starts.

"If we have some concussions, they are free to bring to athletes into the clinic and we can test them to see how they have recovered from their injury," Horning said.

He said a lot of players just want to shake it off - which can be dangerous in the long run.

"This takes away that subjective component of it. We can objectively say yes they are safe to return, or no they are not, based on our clinical guidelines," Horning said.

Dr. Wilson said his clinic is open every Saturday morning from 8 to 10:30 in the medical plaza building. Players of any sport are welcome.