TX Winter Weather Update

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Grayson Co., TX - First rain and a cold drizzle, then by Sunday afternoon Sherman saw snow.

Director of Grayson County emergency management Sarah Somers says drivers underestimate the danger on roadways, especially on bridges and over passes, "Right now our main impacts are to raised elevated roadways."

Sherman roads were wet and slippery for most of the day Sunday...with a few icy patches here and there.

Texas DPS Trooper Mark Tackett agrees with Somers, saying most of the danger is on the over passes.

"We'd like for people to try to see the road ahead, if you're gonna be crossing bridges then you pretty much know that they're going to be iced over for the next little bit."

Power companies were also busy Sunday dealing with power outages throughout Grayson County, Mainly in Sherman and Gainseville.

"But we're very grateful that the providers have been able to get power restored to all of our areas pretty quickly today," said Somers.

TX DPS says roads will remain hazardous Monday.
Authorities urge those who absolutely have to drive to use extreme caution.

"We anticipate that t here is going to be a lot of slower traffic on the road, people are still gonna have to be getting to work, and schools and we want people to remember to slow down...drive as safe as possible, and be careful," said Tackett.

Sherman Police department tells News 12 they responded to 3 weather related accidents this morning. Dispatch saw a lull this afternoon but calls for accidents have again started to pick up.

Denison Police told News 12 they've had 9 since 7 this morning.

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