TXDOT alleviating traffic at 82 and Travis St.

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- The hustle and bustle of life in Sherman leads many down highway 82 and across Travis Street.

"Travis Street and 82 is a highly traveled area. You've got people turning in and coming out of Walmart, there's a church over there," Sgt. D.M. Hampton with Sherman police said.

Sherman police say that intersection can be especially dangerous for drivers.

"We do work accidents there from time to time just because of the nature of where it's at and the traffic that we see there," Hampton said.

Now, TXDOT has taken notice, saying that traffic relief is on the way.

"We have a project at US-82/Travis," David Selman with TXDOT said.

TXDOT is installing traffic lights at both ends of the Travis Street bridge.

They're also changing the flow of traffic. Drivers on Walmart's back road, headed towards Travis Street, will only be able to turn right

"Folks that are trying to get out of Walmart at this intersection have a very difficult time making a left turn because it's difficult to see over the bridge there," Selman said.

To alleviate traffic even further, TXDOT is building a whole new road.

Construction crews are making tracks to build what will be a connector road from highway 82 to Canyon Grove.

"One of the first purposes that street will serve is to be able to detour traffic or move traffic over to the service road and then they'll be able to come to the signal light. You can see where they've already cleared some property, moved some dirt, so they've already started," Selman said.

Sgt. Hampton says these traffic changes should decrease the number of accidents at that intersection.

"Anything that they could do to help regulate the traffic flow there, would help considerably," Hampton said.

TXDOT says the construction will be finished by Thanksgiving.

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