Tanker fire in Bells

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BELLS, TX -- A tanker went up in flames in Bells Wednesday morning. Nicolette Schleisman spoke with the driver, who managed to escape the burning truck.

Around 10 a.m., Ray Weddington noticed something wrong with his truck.

"I seen smoke from my right pretty heavy and I knew something had to be wrong," said Weddington.

Weddington was driving from Cooper to Whitewright for the El Dorado chemical company, when he saw flames behind him, in his side mirror.

"The one that's all wired out here, that's where the fire was burning from," said Weddington.

Weddington pulled over on the side of 69 just North of 56 in Bells. And tried put out the flames with an extinguisher.

"Everybody was coming with fire extinguishers, trying to put it out, but it wasn't working," said Weddington.

Fellow truck drivers stopped and tried to help. Another driver actually shot this video.

Bells Police Chief, Scott Barrett, says he's never seen anything like it.

"The lady said it was smoking as he was driving south on FM 1897. When I arrived here the truck was in flames. They were probably shooting about 10 feet high or so," said Barrett.

Police say the brakes locked up, sparking the flames.

No one was hurt, but the rear of the truck was heavily damaged.

"It was just kind of mind puzzling. Now how did that happen? You know," said Weddington.

Highway 69 was shut down while they put out the fire, but has since reopened.

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