Teen breaks leg after water craft collision

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CARTWRIGHT,OK -- A lake collision sent one teen to the hospital Sunday evening.

C.R. Beaty was in his boat when he came up to the crash Sunday afternoon.

"It looked pretty bad. I mean even the sea-doo they were riding; it was pretty messed up" said C.R. Beaty.

C.R. and Melvin Beaty were on a barge when family of the crash victims came up to them, asking them for help towing the wrecked sea-doo.

"She said somebody's leg was broken; the lady's leg was broken," said Beaty.

OHP lake patrol says Nancy Hogg of Burleson,TX and her 16-year old relative were headed toward one another on their rented jet-skis with the intention of splashing one another with the waves, but they collided.

"The bow portion of her personal watercraft, struck the starboard side, which is the right side, of the other personal watercraft," said Danny Chaffin.

Lake enforcement officer Danny Chaffin says both women were thrown off the jet-skis.

The 16-year old's leg was broken and she had to be flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, but is expected to be okay.

Chaffin says he's worked several deadly accidents involving misuse of watercraft and says whether you are on a boat, or a jet-ski; always use caution.

"They get on the water, and especially with these personal water crafts, and they see them as a toy instead of a vessel," said Chaffin.

"Playing around that close should not be done on a jet-ski," said C.R.Beaty.

Chaffin says Hogg will be cited for the accident.