Testimony concludes in Texas school finance trial

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Testimony in Texas' sweeping school finance trial has ended - setting up a potentially landmark ruling next week by state District Judge John Dietz.

David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association, was the case's last witness Wednesday afternoon.

Monday will feature closing arguments. Then Dietz has promised to immediately rule.

Testimony began Oct. 22, though the case took a three-week holiday hiatus in December.

More than 600 school districts responsible for educating three-quarters of the state's 5 million-plus public school students have sued, claiming funding provided by the state Legislature is inadequate and unfairly distributed.

Whatever Dietz decides will likely be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. But if the districts win the case, it will be up to the Legislature to overhaul how it funds schools.

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