Grayson Co. receives mosquito test results

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SHERMAN, TX-More cases of West Nile have been reported in Grayson county and test results are now in weeks after Grayson county health officials sent off the first batch of mosquito samples.

There are now eleven cases of West Nile in Grayson county the latest victim has been identified in Whitesboro. Now, after three weeks of testing mosquitoes for the West Nile Virus, health officials have released the findings.

The results are positive for West Nile in mosquitoes collected in Grayson county.

"Those analysis, those reports indicated that two pools out of 20 indicated that there's a positive in the West Nile Virus."

Grayson County Health Department's Amanda Ortez said the two samples that tested positive for the virus came from traps set at Sadler City Hall and Robin Drive in Sherman. One resident is really concerned.

"I'm kind of worried about it, because I do have health issues that will be exacerbated by that kind of issue. I personally think we should spray like we did in Dallas," said resident, Barbara Neal.

But another resident said he's just glad to know what health officials found.

"Well it makes me feel good that they were able to check that out and determine it so that way they can turn around and figure out the actual source and get rid of it from our neighborhood," said Joe Malochny.

Ortez said the process is speeding up.

"Now the lab is up and running and the proper agents have been obtained and protocols are in place. The laboratory can now actually analyze those samples much quicker and respond faster to us," she said.

She adds that it's now up to city officials and the county to decide how to attack West Nile.

"That's ten percent and I think the city leaders and the county and the health department director will then, because of this report, because of the 10 percent will come together and determine what the next steps are," she said.

"I really honestly think they should spray and I really think they should figure out how to eliminate these issues," said Neal.

"I trust them, to be honest with you, the health department up here and the City of Sherman. I do trust that they're gonna do whatever it takes to get it resolvedm" said Malochny.

Ortez said they are expecting the results from their second batch of mosquito samples on Friday and from there, they are planning to hold regular "situation" meetings with city and county officials to determine their next move against the West Nile.

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