Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to hear live cases in Sherman Friday

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The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will hear live cases at Austin College Friday.

It's the first time the Court will appear on a college campus.

The Court will hear a death penalty appeal - "State vs. Brian Davis." It will also hear "State vs. Vaughn Bell," an appeal from a Fannin County man convicted of possessing ecstasy.

The college is bringing the Court in as part of its semesterly law symposium.

Nicole Holland, co-president of the Pre-law Society, said the college has hosted the state Supreme Court in the past.

"This is largely the work of an alum, Buck Files, who is president of the Texas Bar Association," she said. "So he really worked hard to get [the Court of Criminal Appeals] here for us."

Co-president of the Pre-law Society Diana Milbourn said it's a great experience for the college.

"We are also very excited because this gives our students the opportunity to meet several important people," she said. "They get to see actual court proceedings. It's a great way to network and meet new people. And many opportunities come from events like this."

The hearings are free and open to the public. It starts at 8:45 Friday morning.

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