Texas community colleges face budget cuts

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PARIS, TX -- The Texas State Legislature is debating budget cuts for community colleges.

Paris Junior College says if these cuts are enacted, it could further hinder their school.

Nicolette Schleisman spoke to the president and a teacher who are already seeing a hike in their work load.

Paris Junior College could face nearly a million dollar loss in state funds if the Texas Legislature passes deeper cuts to the state community college fund.

"it is a reduction each year of $894,000. Its basically a 10% reduction, and that is very scary," said Pam Anglin, President of Paris Junior College.

The Texas Association of Community Colleges says the draft budget recommendations would reduce funding by 5 to 6 percent.

But Paris Junior College President, Pam Anglin says, it is too much. She says they are already extremely efficient with their budget, and these cuts could hurt them more than other colleges in the state.

"We are at a point where we are lean. And we have a lot of people that are really stretched thin. But if we end up with this kind of cut, we are going to end up losing some positions. And we are not going to be able to do some things that we need to do," said Anglin.

Jason Taylor is a biology instructor at PJC, he already has taken on more class loads and seen larger class sizes. And that is before these new proposed cuts.

But Taylor says the larger classes and higher work load does not bother him yet.

"Where we have to worry about increase in number size are laboratories and fitting enough people into the lab," said Taylor.

Anglin says tuition will likely have to be increased if these cuts are enacted.

But the students continue to be the college's main priority.

"We're going to do every thing we can to keep serving the people of this part of the state and to make higher education available. That's our mission," said Anglin.

A mission that may become much more difficult to achieve by May of this year.

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