Texoma Community Center opens new residential crisis facility in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- The Texoma Community Center is opening a new, one of a kind facility in Denison to help those in crisis

Local residents with mental and developmental disorders now have a new place to seek help.

On Wednesday, the Texoma Community Center held an open house for their new residential crisis facility, the first of it's kind to serve Grayson, Cooke, and Fannin Counties.

"This is more of a home-like atomosphere," said Administrator, Radley Chase. "We'll be doing programming, groups, that type of thing, psycho-social rehab, and downstairs is more of a split in two different parts. There's a crisis part and a transitional part."

Chase says the building will house 13 permanent residents on the top floor and up to 16 crisis and transitional patients on the first floor.

Director of Clinical and Mental Health, Brent Phillips-Broaderick, says the facility will help patients get better and ease them back into everyday life.

"Through things like skills training and psycho-social rehab, we work with supportive housing and supported employment to try to get people ready to transition back into their normal environment," Broaderick said.

He says they've received over 2,000 crisis calls since September at their original facility.

Many of those patients have been treated for a week, a month or even longer.

"They're not able to deal with the complex issues around mental illness, medications, and behavioral problems that professionals are much better in dealing with," said Broaderick.

Chase says the new facility also includes a kitchen and dining room, exercise room, and an area to watch TV or use a computer.

The staff hopes to begin moving patients in later this week.

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