Texoma Community Center recycling fundraiser

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SHERMAN, TX -- Dozens cleaned out their homes and garages Saturday, and helped out a local mental health organization in the process.

Saturday was the 5th annual Recycling Fundraiser benefiting Texoma Community Center. Old vacuums, household appliances and more filled the truck. It'll all be taken to a recycling center in Dallas.

Organizer Paula Cawthon says the annual event has helped the center raise thousands of dollars, which they count on.

"It goes towards our center. And we're always needing computer equipment. We need a new telephone system right now. But always computers and fax machines and copy machines, you know just to keep us in business doing the things that we do," she said.

If you missed today's recycling event there will be another in Denison, Saturday, April 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m at 510 South Mirick. Businesses and school districts can schedule a pick up donation as well.

Contact Cawthon at 903-957-4865 or visit www.mhmrst.org for more information.

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