Texoma Water, LLC warns elevated lead levels in some water

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KINGSTON, OK - Texoma Water, LLC customers are learning some not so appetizing facts about their drinking water.

The company said during a recent test, elevated levels of lead were found in some customers' drinking water.

We were not able to get much information from the company or an on camera interview, however they did say that only one of their ten testing sites was cause for concern.

Texoma water, LLC sent a notice out to its customers along with last months bill recommending customers purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking.

The letter also said lead primarily enters drinking water though the corrosion of household pipes and is rarely found naturally in lake or river water.

Residents said the affected area is the Texoma Hill Sub-divison which is home to nearly one hundred people.

Texoma Water said testing is essential because there is no taste or smell to lead.

For information on water testing call 580-263-9108.

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