Texoma bikers ride for the Red Cross

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DENISON, TEXAS -- Dozens of Texoma bikers rode for the Red Sunday, raising money for the Texoma Chapter of the Red Cross.

"Well you can't beat this great weather we're having and it's just awesome, it's an awesome thing, benefiting the Red Cross," biker Steve Carbhaal said.

"It's a motorcycle run and we go all over Fannin County, Grayson County and Cooke County, 'cause those are the three counties we raise money for," Texoma Red Cross Board Chairman Sara Jerome said.

Jerome has helped put on this fundraiser for the past six years. She says this fundraiser supports them during the winter months, when many house fires occur.

"Typically it's house stoves, charcoal grills, space heaters that they haven't checked out, different things like that that cause tremendous loss," Jerome said.

Jerome says the Red Cross spends about $500 per person, per disaster, and almost everyone knows someone who's been helped by the Red Cross.

"There's somebody in your circle of five that's been touched by the Red Cross," Jerome said.

"I've seen friends that they've helped and stuff so I'm well aware of their services," biker Jeff Schellhorn said.

Bikers Steve Carbhaal and Joe Clark rode Sunday, and say they, too, are among those helped by the organization.

"I was in the military and saw where the Red Cross stepped in and helped a lot of people and it's our turn to step in and help them," biker Joe Clark said.

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