Texoma Catholics react to new pope

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The news of the new pope reached Holy Cross Catholic Church in Madill on the heels of a prayer.

"Thank God for the technology, somebody stepped outside and answered the phone and came in and said, 'We've got a pope,'" said catholic pastor Oby Zunmas.

Zunmas says his church began praying for a new pope nine days before Pope Benedict stepped down. Parishioners are looking forward to this new chapter in the church.

"We're definitely excited for the new things he's going to bring to our catholic society," said Andrea Forguson, catholic.

"Yes, we're excited," said Jorge Salazar, who is also catholic. "Very, very excited."

Zunmas said a new pope reminds local churches of their connection to the Vatican.

"This helps us to see we're not just a poor church in southern Oklahoma, Madill Oklahoma, but we are part of a big organization," he said.

He also adds the pope's causes have an influence on the church, and based on Pope Francis's work in Argentina, Zunmas thinks helping those in need will be a high priority.

"You will see maybe a pope who will reach out not just to Argentina, but especially to poor countries," said Zunmas.

That work for the less fortunate even has believers outside the Catholic Church interested in the new pontiff and what he can accomplish thousands of miles away here in Texoma.

"What we need in this world to turn around is good christians and maybe this pope will help us some," said Fern Smith, a free will baptist.