Texoma emergency responders remember 9-11 terrorist attacks

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COOKE COUNTY, TX -- It was nearly 12 years ago, when almost 3,000 people were killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

With the anniversary quickly approaching, the Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire Department held it's annual memorial service today.

Morgan Downing was there as emergency personnel lit up their vehicles to show their support.

A dozen fire departments, EMS, and police from Cooke and Grayson Counties lit 'em up in remembrance of the innocent people who lost their lives in the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

This is the third year the Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire Department has organized the service.

"This is a thank you and remembrance to them. And this is a thank you to the local cooke county and surrounding area volunteers, fire fighters, paramedics, police officers that answer the call every day, all the time," organizer Carla Rickert said.

"It's hard not to go through this without tears," Shelton Price said.

Oak Ridge Fire Chief Shelton Price says being an emergency responder means you're part of a brother hood that stands by one another.

"Bringing everybody together from this hopefully helps every body remember the ones we've lost in the line of duty, whether it be volunteer or paid," Price said.

"It's not for the glory. It's not for the thank you's. It's because I would want somebody to do it for my own," Callisburg Asst, Fire Chief Mike Stewart said. "You couldn't pay me to do what I do. That gratification we get from helping our fellow person is all I need."

Standing among the emergency vehicles was Callisburg's new fire truck -- that has its own story to tell.

At the time of the terrorist attacks, a New Jersey Fire Department owned it and it was put to work on Ground Zero.

The Callisburg firefighters say they're honored to be the truck's new owner, and that this signifies a connection between firefighters across the nation.

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