Texoma markets itself with re-branding campaign

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DENISON, TEXAS -- This big book is the result of a $75,000 dollar re-branding campaign for the city of Denison.

"You have to have a brand. You have to know who you are and where to market," Denison Chamber of Commerce President Anna McKinney said.

Last year, Denison Chamber of Commerce and Denison Development Alliance joined funds to give the city a new look.

"We all kept saying we're doing all this marketing, but we're not unified. Each one of us was using a different logo," McKinney said.

Denison took on this slogan -- Moving Forward. Kicking Back.

Tony Kaai with Development Alliance says one year after adopting the new brand, Denison and the region are moving forward.

"We started the process of looking to do a branding effort locally and in the process we said, 'Hey, we need to do that for the whole region,'" Kaai said.

Denison is now one of four cities helping re-brand Texoma.

Sherman, Gainesville, Durant and the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes are all part of the project to let people know that Texoma has more to offer than just a lake.

"We have a zoo in Gainesville, you know, we have Eisenhower's birthplace here. We have a lot of live music in Denison. Choctaws and Chickasaws have two world-class casinos with world-class talent in here often," Kaai said.

These re-brandings cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Anna McKinney says the research you get out of it is worth it.

"We're getting results," McKinney said.

While Lake Texoma continues to be a big draw, many people surveyed thought Denison had an unkempt downtown.

That spurred the city's downtown renovations, like the pocket park and streetscape initiative.

"Another thing that came out of it was that we're really a transportation hub here in Denison. We have wonderful highway 75. We have the North Texas Regional Airport," McKinney said.

North Star is the company that re-branded Denison and also met success re-branding other North Texas cities like Plano, McKinney and Allen.

In about 45 days, North Star will also unveil Texoma's new logo.

"We're reaching the people we need to reach now and we couldn't do that without the study that went along with the branding process," McKinney said.

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