Severe weather season scams

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- This Spring, Texoma residents should beware of more than strong winds and severe weather. It is also the time of year to watch out for scammers claiming to repair your roof and other damage.

If a big hail storm strikes or a tornado whips through do not be surprised if you get a knock at your door.

"A lot of times they'll just say I'm a roofer and we need to get this fixed. We were driving down the road, noticed these problems up here on your roof and they're just real slick talkers," Polston said.

Steven Polston, owner of Lankford Roofing Company in Denison, says sometimes scammers even claim to be from a legitimate company. He says his business is targeted every year.

"It makes me feel horrible to know that there's people out there using the longevity of our company and using the reputation of our company to prey on innocent people," Polston said.

Police say these scammers often target the elderly, but anyone can fall prey.

"They'll come into a community and maybe hit four or five people up and tell them they need the money in advance and then leave town and not show back up, or they may start the repairs and not finish it," Sgt. D.M. Hampton, with Sherman Police, said.

To avoid scammers and shoddy work here are some tips.

"It's always best just to stay with local companies. People that have been established here. They can check the Better Business Bureau," Hampton said.

"Is their vehicle marked? Do they have business cards? Is it a business that you can go to and actually turn the handle," Polston asked.

Polston also recommends calling the business to make sure it is legitimate.

Police say often times scams go unreported because victims feel embarrassed, but if you believe you are being scammed to contact local authorities immediately.

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