Texoma water resources seminar held in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK -- About 80 farmers and ranchers from Oklahoma and Texas filled the Ardmore Convention Center Tuesday for a seminar focusing on water source development sponsored by the Noble Foundation.

"Want to be ready when the next dry-spell hits us," Barney Chapman says.

Texas rancher Barney Chapman wanted to know how to make better use of his water resources.

"I want to put in place a water system where we can graze cattle twelve months a year and not just graze cattle in the summer months when it rains," Chapman says.

Jim Smith, who owns a pecan tree farm, lost many trees in the drought last year.

"Now that we've got some rain, you know, if there's any way or any knowledge that I can gain that will prevent that from future or losing any more trees, you know, is something that I'm after and want to look for," Smith says.

Kent Wilkins, with the State of Oklahoma Water Resources Board, told the group about water rights and how to locate potential ground water on their property.

"This area, you know, has been in drought for a while. Their ponds are low. This is also close to the Arbuckle Simpson, a major ground water basin that we're studying right now. So a lot of interest from the local area here," Wilkins said.

Horticulture consultant Steve Upson says his employer, the Noble Foundation, is here to help.

"We want to make sure that people, when they do develop a water resource for their agricultural enterprise or for domestic use, that they do so, and that they follow the correct procedure," says Upson.

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