Texoma food pantries running on empty

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GRAYSON CO, TX-This summer, food pantries across the United States and here in Texoma are in desperate need of donations. Both the Grayson County Shelter and Salvation Army have already seen dozens of families asking for food.
Major Helene Wildish of the Salvation Army said, with kids out of school for the summer, parents now have to serve three meals a day instead of one or two and the summer's only half over.
Grayson County Shelter executive director, Ashley Earls, said they have run out of food to give to those in need.

"I'm very very sad because it's very difficult to see a mom come in and say 'I really need food for my child' and we have to say 'we just don't have it to give,'" she said.

Earls said lately about 40 people who need food knock on their doors every week.

"We are no longer able to help people in the community. Within the last year, we've given out 1500 food boxes to various families in the communities and we're not able to give out any right now," she said.

The Grayson County Salvation Army face the same problem.

"We've always had a high number of people that we serve, but we especially see these higher numbers because the kids are out of school and the parents are having to serve a much higher amount of meals."

Major Helene Wildish said they've seen about 60 families a week asking for food assistance.

"Our pantry is very low on canned goods and also the staple products like Macaroni and cheese, rice, hamburger helper, pastas," she said.

Both Wildish and Earls said donations are also down.

"Donations are going quite slowly right now. A lot of people, it's not that they forget about us, it's just that they have busy lives as well," she said.

"The agency that gives us donations is trying to help everybody, so we're not getting the donations from them like before," said Earls.

"We just don't want anyone to go hungry or go to bed without any food in their stomach. Because one of the things that's most important is that children and moms and dads have the proper nutrition everyday," said Wildish.

"We here at the shelter are gonna do everything we can. We're working on it to see if we can get other donations," said Earls.

If you would like to help, you can drop off any food or money donations to the Salvation Army and the Grayson County Shelter.

Salvation Army
5700 Texoma Parkway
Sherman, TX

Grayson County Shelter
331 West Morton Street
Denison, TX

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