Texoma organization donates food to shelters in need

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Across the U.S and right here in Texoma food pantries are bare. Now a local motorcycle group is revving up the efforts to help.

Kaye "Stormy" Elliott dropped off a box of goods at the Grayson County Shelter Tuesday afternoon. She is a member of Texoma ABATE, a motorcycle rights organization that is speeding up efforts to fight hunger in Texoma.

"We've got people hungry right here. And that's just really sad because we are in America," Elliott said.

The group has been donating to shelters bi-weekly over the past several months, but after hearing about the desperate need.
Now, they plan to donate every month. A good thing, because with school out Grayson County Shelter Case Manager Michelle Holcomb more families are coming to them for help and they are running out of food to give.

"Here in the last I'd say couple of weeks or month it's picked up. We've gotten more kids. Younger kids," Holcomb said.

Elliot says thinking of hungry children breaks her heart. She says any little bit could go a long way.

"A dollar a week outta do a pretty good dent if every biker out there was to actually pull that out of their pocket and help. I mean I can't image what I would feel like if my grand babies and to go hungry at night. I mean that's got to be a pretty helpless feeling," Elliott said.

With about 40 people knocking on the shelter's doors every week Holcomb says they appreciate any donation and so do the people in need.

"They are really I guess humbled and grateful," Holcomb said.

Elliott says she hopes other people will be inspired to pitch in.

"I would just like to challenge everybody out there not just the bikers, but everybody. Put in a dollar. Go somewhere. Drop it off," Elliott said.

If you would like to help donate visit http://www.abatetexoma.com/.

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