Texoma soldier surprises his son

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SHERMAN, TX -- A Texoma toddler received a gift he will always remember, when dad came home.

It has been six months since father and son have been together. Specialist Justin Miller has been serving in Afghanistan and has been anxiously waiting to be reunited with his little solider.

"Give him a big hug and kiss and just see his reaction," Miller said.

Miller has been overseas for the past four months and having to be away long spans of time is difficult for both Miller and his son.

"Landon misses his dad more than anything. He cries probably every night," Landon's Mother, Holly Miller, said.

Landon's mother, Holly Miller has been been collaborating with his father for weeks about surprising Landon and what better way to do it than to go to Jump 'N Land and slide into daddy's arms?

"Landon's been asking about his dad a lot here lately and I've been asking him, you know 'is dad coming home soon?' And he'll say no Daddy's in Afghanistan he can't come home. He's got to fight bad people," Holly said.

Having no clue his dad would be home Landon was surprised when he saw his father at the end of the slide.

Miller says it is hard being away from his son, but every time they reunite he really sees what he is fighting for.

"Everybody that's over there right now we understand being away from our children is rough and everything, but we want to ensure that America stays America for our children," Miller said.

Miller says he will be home for 15 days before he has to go back to Afghanistan.

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