Texoman runners remember Boston Marathon bombings

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Some local runners are gearing up for the Boston Marathon next week, over a year after the bombings took place.

It's a day Bostonians and Americans will never forget; April 15th, 2013.

The two bombs that exploded at the finish line of the Boston marathon killed 3 people and seriously injured 260 more.

One Texoman crossed that finish line just about an hour before the bombs went off.

"It was just surreal, we couldn't believe what had just happened." said Marlow.

Dr. Gary Marlow works at Texoma Medical Center in Denison, last year was his seventh time to run the Boston marathon and it could have been his last.

"We couldn't believe it, we had just left there, and we watched it over and over again, and just were in shock." said Marlow.

Marlow says he remembers walking around the finish line hours after the explosions and describes the eery feeling of seeing race paraphernalia scattered on the ground of what had become a crime scene.

"The elation and the satisfaction that you did something is forever going to be marred by what happened last year." said Norch.

Chris Norch is set to run the marathon in Boston on Monday. He has run dozens of marathons but says this is more than just a race.

"I'm very honored, very humbled to be apart of that opportunity and I look forward to just being there and giving something back to the city." said Norch.

Norch will be joined by Matt Boiken, a coach at Tom Bean Middle School.

"It's going to be much more special knowing that I'm going to be down there, a year after it happened." said Boiken.

Last year Boiken missed qualifying for the marathon by just a few minutes, this time he made the cut and says it's important to him to show that while it's hundreds of miles away Texoma understands the phrase Boston strong.

"A couple of sick individuals aren't going to dictate how we carry on, whether we run marathons, or go to baseball games, or teach, or carry out everyday life in the city." said Boiken.

"We're running for those victims, and there will be a lot of solemn moments, but we'll be thinking of them the entire race." said Marlow.