Texomans donating books for West schools

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SHERMAN,TX---Texomans are coming together to donate books to West schools that were destroyed last year.

It was April 17, 2013 when a fertilizer plant explosion destroyed nearly half the town of West Texas, killing 15 people and injuring hundreds.

Almost a year later, Texomans are still lending a hand by helping restore one of the simple joys: reading.

"People in West are very special people, and we're eager to help." said Burleson.

Linda Burleson with TCOG's area agency on aging showed us their stock pile of books that have already been donated.

"Their libraries were destroyed, so if we can supply one library we feel like we've accomplished something special." said Burleson.

But there are many shelves that need to be refilled. 3 of the 4 elementary schools in West were destroyed. Senior Corps organizations across Texas are putting on this book drive, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and as a way to help replenish the books that were lost.

"We want to make sure that all the K through 5 kids have enough books to make reading a focus." said Burleson.

"I think that they'll just be overcome with gladness, and we're just happy; excited about it." said Rhodes.

TCOG's Virginia Rhodes says after a disaster many people might feel forgotten, but she hopes this drive changes that.

"This will reinforce, I believe, the attitude that they will know that somebody's thinking about you, and were trying to help you be successful." said Rhodes.

Right now they have about 300 books but their goal is to acquire much more.

"Kids need books that appeal to them in order to inspire a desire to read." said Burleson.

If you would like to donate, you can drop off books at the TCOG building in Sherman on the second floor at the Area Agency on Aging.

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