Texomans join the "Run for Boston" movement

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TEXOMA -- In the wake of the bombings runners across the country and right here in Texoma are showing their support for the victims.
Two bombs set off a fear, sadness, and disbelief that brought the running community and the entire nation together.

Hash tag "Run for Boston" is a trending topic on Twitter.

Wednesday night people from all over the U.S. ran together in honor of those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and dozens gathered at Fairview Park in Sherman.

According to Charles Nash, "When we saw that it was going to be the hash tag run for Boston. I mean it was just natural for us to want to do that and show our support."

Members of Texoma Runners spent their evening running for the cause.

Jesse Muniz says, "Running is therapeutic. Running is a healing process for many people. Running is a release. And being able to come tonight to run with a group of friends to support the victims and everybody effected by the events in Boston, it means a lot to us."

Nash says, "This is just another way for us to kind of show the quote unquote bad guys in the world that you may be able to get at us every now and then but we're going to be resilient. We're going to keep doing what we love. We're going to keep running."

Lisa Brown is a Boston native.

She says this tragedy is unthinkable.

Brown says, "If you grow up there you know that the Boston Marathon is one of the biggest events of the area. It's one of the proudest events of the area and to have something that's so important to the local community to be violated like that is astonishing first that anybody would do it."

So, despite being far away from her hometown she runs because she knows residents and runners around the nation would appreciate it.

According to Brown, "I think it really speak to the sense of community that runners have regardless of where we are. That there's just some feeling of connection and comradery that people who have never been to Boston, never met a Bostonian perhaps, but because they identify as runners they would try to do something in support of this."