Texomans rush to get ready for a White Christmas

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DURANT, OK-With all of Texoma under a winter weather advisory, residents rushed to get their homes ready for a White Christmas.

Because of the possibility of a snow storm in Texoma Christmas day, local hardware stores said people have been rushing in all day to buy shovels and materials to keep their homes warm.

Durant Lowe's Home Improvement Jim Knight said they have been very busy Monday with people coming in looking for insulation materials and heaters. He said one of the biggest problems homeowners run into in the wintertime are frozen pipes. Knight said you can protect your pipes and faucets by wrapping them with insulation, but if they are already frozen he said there are ways to fix it.

"If they do freeze, a lot of people will open something up and then it won't shut because the ice will expand in there. It's best when its frozen just to leave it be. You can also put a quartz light shining on it where it puts heat in the piping," he said.

Knight said putting sand and salt on your drive-way and sidewalks will help keep them from freezing.