Texomans snag deals on Black Friday

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SHERMAN, TX---Texomans came out in full force to try and snag a great find on Black Friday.

"Everybody wants the best deals, all the kids stuff is on sale right now, best time of the year to get it." said Lyons.

Friday morning hundreds lined up at stores to try and catch a good deal. At home depot in Sherman, shoppers new what they wanted.

"Tools, tools and more tools." said Lyons.

"We opened our doors at 5am sharp, we had about 300 people in line total." said Alexander.

Michael Alexander is the store manager. He says, even though those 300 plus shoppers looked like a huge mob, the rush wasn't too bad.

"How about two words, controlled chaos." said Alexander.

"Are yall cold? Yes, very cold, it's like 30 degrees out here."

Not even getting up early could stop these teenagers from getting items on their wish list.

"Do you think it's worth it coming out here this early to get the drill? Yes, cause it's a really good drill."

One of the few stores that actually opened Friday morning; Academy.

"It's been busy, but customers have been in a great mood." said Mitchell.

Home Depot customers praised them for not opening on Thursday.

"I just don't think stores should have opened on Thanksgiving, I'm proud of home depot for not opening up till this morning."

"It just gives our associates the ability to spend time with their family on Thanksgiving and not have to come in the evening." said Alexander

"We want them to spend time with their friends and family, have a good relaxing day and get ready to hit it hard on Friday." said Mitchell.

"It was cold, crazy but at times calm, and it seemed like for the most part people left this morning with smiles, knowing they landed some great deals, and there's still some time left so I'm going to go see if I can find some myself, reporting in Sherman, Ethan Hutchins, News 12."

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