Texomans test their odds in $425 million Powerball jackpot

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SHERMAN, TX -- People across the U.S and right here in Texoma are hoping their numbers are called in tonight's $425 million dollar powerball jackpot. It's the third largest in history. Morgan Downing saw customers line up today in Sherman for their tickets.

The On the Run convenience store off Highway 75 and 82 was busy all day with customers stopping in to try their luck -- hoping to win the big jackpot.

One by one, Powerball tickets were flying out the door at this convenience store in Sherman.

"On an average day when the pot's built up like this, we sell on one shift, about 300 tickets a shift," store clerk Kelly Schoonmaker said.

Wednesday's $425 million jackpot is the third largest.

Lotto officials say the recent price change from $1 a ticket to $2 has boosted their profits over the last year and half, and has caused jackpots to reach gigantic heights, which spurs frenzies like this one.

"I play the lotto whenever it gets past $50,000 or above. And I played this one last week and this week. And I'll play it till somebody wins it," Nathaniel Southern said.

The odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 175 million. You're 50 times more likely to be struck by lightning.

But, in the last two months, lightning did strike -- twice in fact, when two winning tickets were sold in Texoma. Maybe that's why Nathaniel Southern is feeling confident.

"Chances are good. I don't know what percentage, but they're good. I hope I win it too," Southern said.

"What do I plan to do with the money? I'll probably just save it. For a little while any way until I figure out what to do with it," Charles Reitberger said.

"Hopefully I'll win so I can retire!" Ashley Ngo said.

Kelly Schoonmaker hopes if she sells the winning ticket, the lucky winner will share.

"Good luck! Come back and see me if you win," she said.

The Powerball winning numbers are 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and Powerball 32.

If you hit the exact numbers, you can claim a single lump sum payment of $244 million after taxes. If there's no winner this round, it's possible Saturday's pot will be close to record territory.

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