Thackerville school bond to pay for new elementary school

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On Tuesday voters passed Thackerville Public Schools latest bond issue with 76 percent of the vote. It's a commitment worth more than $4 million to build a new elementary school.

Kristi Mansfield is a parent with three kids in Thackerville schools and has a list of reasons to look forward to the new building.

"Space was the biggest I think and just the age of the school," she said. "It's going to be nice to have security, bigger rooms."

Four million dollars will buy 12 classrooms, a media center, a multipurpose room and an administration area. Thackerville Superintendent Greg Raper said the schools now teach 280 students, and this project will accommodate at least 300 new students they expect to gain after the Winstar apartments are finished.

"The facilities that we have now aren't able to handle that," said Raper. "So if we build these facilities they would be able to handle up to three or four hundred elementary students in that one facility."

Taxpayers will pick up the bill with a 25 percent increase to property taxes, a price Mansfield is willing to pay.

"Anything that will help our kids, and mine will definitely benefit from it directly so it was worth it," she said.

Thackerville schools plans to start construction January of next year and finish in the spring of 2015.

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