The city of Paris to vote on $45-million bond

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Voters in the city of Paris are being asked to consider a $45-million bond issue that would replace deteriorated water and sewer lines.

Paris has been considering replacing the lines for over 20 years.

"We've got pipes that date back to pre-World War II, that's how old some of them are." said city manager, John Godwin. "They are very rusted, we even have a couple of cases where we have old wooden pipe."

Instead of making regular repairs, city leaders recently decided to put the bond proposal before Paris voters.

According to Godwin, if the bond is passed there would be no tax increase or rate increase on citizen's water utility bills.

"It's based on our ability sell bonds without raising taxes or without raising any kind of rates." said Godwin.

A citizens advisory committee is being asked to use their local perspective to help engineers determine which areas need the most help.

"They're trying to find the ones that we get the most bang for the buck. Some of those may just be a block long, some may be a mile long." said Godwin. "All together we have about 400 miles of water lines and sewer lines, about 90% of those are quite old and need to be replaced."

Citizens have received flyers,educating them on the bond and they have until May 7 to vote early. Election day is May eleventh.

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