The search for Lucy Sparkles

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SHAWNEE, OK -- The frantic search continues Friday evening for a missing pet kangaroo near Shawnee, Oklahoma. The owners of "Lucy Sparkles" are hoping for her safe return -- and we had the chance to speak with the family.

"She's so gentle, so sweet, she absolutely adores my husband and our four year old daughter Layla."

Heartbreakroken is how the Menhusen family of Shawnee feels after a week without Lucy Sparkles - their pet kangaroo who's been missing since Thanksgiving.

The search for the marsupial is on across a wide swath of Oklahoma.

"5 possible sightings -- most far from home," said Shayla Menhusen. "We've had one a couple miles from home, that's the one we're following up on."

Most of the unconfirmed sightings mistake Lucy for a wild deer.

"I saw something looked like a deer but something was not quite right about it. Strangest looking deer I've ever seen," said Menhusen.

Losing Lucy has been the hardest on the family's 4 year old daughter.

"Every morning, she pops her eyes open and says, Did we find Lucy yet? Our whole family is here except for Lucy."

Lucy likes marshmallows and another favorite snack.

"She loves Cheetos, absolutely, crunch ones. We generally give her the puffy ones, just because that's what our girls like and we have."

The family hopes a $1,000 reward will help bring Lucy home -- once someone lays eyes on her.

"If that's the case - we know exactly where she is, we can use live traps, bait with cheetos and bring her in."

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