World survives Doomsday 2012 prediction

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SHERMAN, TX -- Hundreds of people did not let the Doomsday 2012 prediction scare them out of shopping for the holidays. In fact, every one we spoke with told us they do not believe the world will come to an end anytime soon.

"Today is probably not going to be the end of the world. Here we are at Walmart, parking lot is jammed packed," Bart Mitchell said.

"I kind of knew this was just going to be a day just like normal. I didn't get enough Christmas shopping today. Other than that it's not the end of the world," Mandi Franks said.

One in 10 people think the end of a Mayan calendar -- which spans about 5,125 years -- signifies an apocalypse, according to a new poll; however, several people we spoke to Friday afternoon say they have good reason to believe the world is not ending this year.

"I just knew it wasn't going to end because , you know, the Bible I just go by the Bible," David Stoff said.

"According to the good book you know no man knows the hour, the time, or the day," Bert Furlow said.

Professors we spoke with say there will be a December 22nd and explain the long-count Maya calendar doesn't end today, but marks the end of 12 and be beginning of 13 ba'k'tuns, which some people believe is the start of a new era. However, those who believe the world will be the same tomorrow say if the would does end in their lifetime there are things they hope they get to do first.

"Start a family," Stoff said.

"I want to actually have a wife," Furlow said.

"Make sure I get to tell my kids I love them," Katie McClung said.

"Go on a cruise maybe, I don't know, spend all my wifes money," Stoff laughed.

NASA has a website and video that explains reasons they believe the world is not ending. To check it out visit

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